Thursday, November 04, 2004

"You Look Fat."

I love teaching elementary school kids. They are so refreshingly honest, aren't they? I had not yet told the younger kids that I am pregnant, so when I was asked by a few girls last week during a 4th grade class if I was going to have a baby, I said "yes" and figured that one of their teachers must have let the cat out of the bag. On the contrary, these discerning girls had noticed my wearing bigger clothes and becoming a little "rounder". When I confirmed that yes, I am indeed pregnant, one of the girls replied, "Oh, I thought so, because you're getting... fatter." Another girl chimed in, "Yeah, you're... fat." Well, thanks girls.

Today's 3rd grade class was much kinder. I'm wearing a new maternity dress which leaves little doubt as to my baby-carrying state. One of the girls (why is it always the girls who notice?) asked if I am having a baby and when I said yes, they burst into applause! They were all really excited and a few even congratulated me on their way out of class. My friend Brenda also told me that one of her 1st graders asked if I am "born". When Brenda corrected her and asked if she meant "pregnant", she insisted, "No, born!" Evidently her older brother had told her but had gotten his terms a little mixed-up.

Lesson learned: we will teach little "Porkchop" Duell (Ian's favorite name for boy or girl) to think before (s)he speaks and to never, ever tell someone that they're "... getting fatter."


Blogger IndoIan said...

i keep going back and forth between "porkchop" and "sponge bob" ....

2:29 AM  

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