Monday, February 20, 2006

February Emmerson

Emmerson is having a fun month. She took her first steps! We were at a party, all eyes were on Emmerson, when all of a sudden she stood up and toddled right over to me. She is a little showboat, so it's no surprise that she decided on that moment to reach such a big milestone. She has also learned how to clap, although to her, clapping is slapping her right fist with her open left hand. She is very pleased to clap for anything from a good meal to a bouncy song on the radio. She also pretends to wash herself in the tub by touching the soap and then rubbing her belly. She is a delight, a true joy, and we look forward to celebrating her first birthday next week!


Still Clapping

I love to clap

Denim and leopard print outfit from Nana and Aunt Ardis

Splashing in my bath

Doing a little light reading


Hanging out in my bath

Oooh I love my bath!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emmerson will love those bath photos when she is 16! I especially like the picture of Ian and Emmerson in this group. That is a fabulous leopard trimmed outfit! That girl is stylin'!
love, Grandma C

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a mother of many children I was totally shocked to see pictures of a naked child on the internet! You are just simply asking for trouble or you are very naive! I pray that God will protect these pictures from getting in the wrong hands! I know you are doing it out of a parents love for their child and you just see the cute side, but in my husbands line of work, he works with sex offenders in a jail setting, these could be dangerous.
A concerned mother,

ps i was simply looking up the artist of one of my paintings when i found this!

11:52 AM  

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