Friday, August 26, 2005

Leaving and Arriving

We're finally back in Jakarta after four amazing weeks with our family and friends in the U.S. The following photos are from the end of our summer vacation and from the beginning of our third year here in Jakarta. The full array of pictures (19) is here: August 2005

On the swing at Krape Park

California Duells

My airplane basket

Making friends

Alicia and Emmerson

We were so tired!

Alison's birthday dinner at fancy gourmet restaurant!

Gracie in a pot

Fancy egg pate

Going to the pool

New yellow paint


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a cute baby! I love the picture-going to swim! You can see that little wisp of hair..and that FABULOUS smile! I can't get enough of it! love Grandma C

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Alison, mother of Grace! said...

Great pics. Emmerson's got a gorgeous smile! Like the ones at my birthday dinner, thanks for posting them. :) Glad Gracie was 'in the pot' not 'on pot', though sprawled out there it could be debatable!! Love Alison

9:41 AM  

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