Thursday, April 06, 2006


We've just returned from a wonderful vacation in Thailand with my parents, family friends, and friends from Jakarta. We spent the first few days in Bangkok, then flew up to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand (Ian took the train) for five days, then back to Bangkok for the final days of the trip. Of all of the vacations and trips that we have taken in the last several years, this was one of the best because it combined all of my favorite things: family, friends, food, shopping, and of course lots of fun!

Among the highlights: spending the day with elephants at a sanctuary which rescues sick and abused elephants; full-day Thai cooking course; Thai massage (wild-- the masseuse uses her own body to push/pull/stretch you into different positions!); visiting elaborate and ornate temples and buddhas (incuding the Emerald Buddha and the giant Reclining Buddha); longboat river cruise through Bangkok's canals; shopping at the many markets; eating curries, pomelo and papaya salads, Singha beer, and lemongrass in everything.

Below I've posted some of our favorite photos, but if you want the full range, here they are: Shutterfly Thailand 2006.

Enjoying a performance

Mom, Alicia and Emmerson enjoying the temples!

Alicia at the Reclining Buddha

Alicia and Alison buying food for cooking class

Chef Emeril Duell

Enjoying the fruits of our labor

Baby elephant

Feeding the elephants!

Emmerson is unsure about the whole thing

Playing in the river

Ian's classic baby pose

This dragon is called "Mom"!

Mom, Alicia and Dad at a temple on the mountain in Chiang Mai

Collins and Youngs enjoying a Bangkok longboat, but where's the Singha?

Ian's prized purchase (the hat, not the baby)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes! This was a most fabulous vacation! I echo Alicia's sentiments-nothing like an exotic destination with family and best friends, combined with delicious food and plenty of beer! It was the best!
Mom C

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys look like you had a great time! I was just sitting here thinking about you and decided to go to your blog - the easiest way to leave you a quick note! We're settling in to life in MA, but I can guarantee that the kids aren't living such an exciting life! Miss you guys and hope to hear from you soon-

9:39 PM  

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