Monday, October 16, 2006

September and October

We've had a busy month. Highlights include: chasing Emmerson as she tears around, meeting Andrew and Alison's new son Timothy, hosting renowned storyteller and author (and my own personal storytelling hero) Margargaret Read MacDonald, and school, school, school. I can't believe it snowed in the Midwest. Hope everything is well where you are!

Here is the link to these photos on Shutterfly:

Karate Kid

After Bath Lounging

Inhaling the Yogurt (this was all Ian)

Reading Mother Goose

Looking at Pictures

Timothy Wilson!

Margaret Read MacDonald Storytelling Visit!

Coffee Table with Batik Stamp Inlay


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the new pictures! I especially love the one where Emmerson is looking at a book while draped in her bath towel. She definitely has her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother's love of reading genes! love Grandma C

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I meant to also tell you how much I like the new table! That is really unique. What a great idea. It will be a wonderful memory from that corner of the world!
love, Mom C

8:22 AM  

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