Friday, May 26, 2006

May Baby

Here are some photos of me and my special Mother's Day breakfast, complete with homemade Mother Goose-themed menu, and some photos of Emmerson doing housework such as wiping off the coffee table and cooking (i.e. stirring shallots, garlic cloves, a lime and a golf ball in a tupperware bowl), and making her piggy face (special for Grandpa!).

Here is the link to the photos on Shutterfly: Shutterfly May Baby

Mother's Day Breakfast

Doing Chores

Little Chef

Piggy Face!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grandpa does love the piggy face! It is pretty funny...hope everyone readys the caption and does not assume this is her usual expression! Keep up the "house-cleaning" training and we will put her to work this summer!
love Grandma C

8:29 AM  

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