Monday, January 24, 2005

More Kid Quotes

Here is another classic from the realm of "Wait, did that kid seriously just say that?"

I was talking to a 3rd grade class about when the baby is going to be born, and of course they were all volunteering what they knew about having babies. Hillary (I've quoted her a few times on our website) was trying to talk about when she was born, but she said, "When my mom laid me...." They really seem to have birds and humans mixed up at this school (Remember the other kid who asked when I was going to "hatch"?).

Hillary also said that she was born out of her mom's butt. Another student corrected her and said, "No, that's just how animals are born." The things you learn working with elementary schoolers! I felt that I couldn't just let such egregiously erroneous information pass by unnoticed, but did not feel comfortable giving a totally accurate description, so I just said, "No, that's not actually where any babies are born...", hoping that they would take any further questions home to their parents! Yikes! Are we ready for this?


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