Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January 2007

Here are a few belly shots of me (I'm 24 weeks along right now), some random photos of Emmerson, pictures of our New Year's Kickoff Faculty Dinner last weekend, and some shots of Emmerson at her first day of school. *Please note: we are ONLY enrolling her in school so she doesn't hang around the apartment all day with the nanny. She needs to socialize with other kids. We promise we're not trying to get a head start with the Ivy Leagues.

22 Weeks

24 Weeks

Bubble Baby

Wearing Daddy's Goggles

New Year's Kickoff Faculty Dinner

Alicia and Mimi

First Day at School!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I posted a comment..or tried to, but guess it did not "take". I love the bubble baby! Also think the pictures of Alicia and Ian are really nice..very handsome couple. I like the blue shirt on Ian. The room and equipment at the school all look very nice..clean and new.
love, Grandma C

8:04 AM  

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