Friday, March 04, 2005

Welcome to the World, Emmerson Corinne

Daddy Loves Me

Sound Asleep

Going Home

Emmerson and I are finally back at home after a relatively pleasant 3-day hospital stay. It was nice having all meals delivered (including morning and afternoon tea!)and a nurse on call at all hours of the night, but now that that's over, we're on our own. To be fair, however, we have it pretty easy since we don't have to do laundry, dishes, or cook unless we feel like it. So I guess we're not really on our own. A great situation to be in if you find yourself with a newborn baby!

We are thrilled with our little girl and are enjoying the challenges and joys of learning how to be parents. It's also fun dressing her in all of the cute little outfits I bought over Christmas vacation. She likes to be stylish.

I've uploaded our photos to Shutterfly, so to view them as a slideshow simply click here: Emmerson Corinne Photos

I'd better go see what she's up to-- last I checked she was blissed out in her vibrating chair listening to white noise. Paradise for babies.

Oh, and Jessica, she was not born during the Oscars, but I can say almost for sure that there were many stars busily being primped and coiffed for the Big Event (she was born Sunday morning at 9:27am Pacific Time). That must count for something!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Emmerson!
It's Gran Collin here..looking for new pictures! Just 4 weeks from today I will be getting on the plane to come and see you. Please work on smiling for me and other grandma-pleasing skills. You will have to be patient with me as I have not had the opportunity to hold any little babies for a long time! Grandpa and I love you very much-Grandpa whips out his picture of you before I can find mine in my purse! Tell Mommy to get more pictures posted..less time watching TV and eating bon-bons!
love, Gran

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Emmerson, (mom & dad, too)

Welcome, you have been so anticpated--and you are as precious as we knew you would be. You have many people in the U.S.A. who love you very much and anxiously await holding you and loving you when you come home to visit this summer. I will introduce you to my granddaughter, Isabella, I'm sure you will someday be best of friends, as your mothers are. Love & Kisses XOXOXOOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX Vicki

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.S. to Vicki's comment:..and as your grandmothers are! We have many stories to share with you girls about your mothers! Vicki has plans for the Grandmas and Grandaughters to take a cruise!
love, Grandma C

8:44 AM  

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