Thursday, April 14, 2005

More of Grandma's Visit

So cozy!

Miss Saigon: Part II

Reading with Grandma

Sleeping in my Yellow Sack

Morning Stretch

Smiling for Grandma

We are leaving for the central Javan city Yogyakarta today, followed by a trip to Bali. We can't wait and will post photos when we return. It has been so wonderful having my mom here that I've decided she can't leave! She definitely has the "grandma touch" that can calm a screaming baby in an instant. How can we do without that? She is also giving Emmerson some much-needed grandma love in the form of songs, stories, and playtime. Emmerson is loving every minute of it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alicia & Ian - Emmerson is adorable and has the most beautiful blue eyes!! You have been blessed! Jessica and I were just chatting that Miss Emmerson needs to make her debut in chi-town at that famous parade we attend every summer at the end of June!! Cannot wait to see you when you get back to the states! Luv, KB

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why you put that crazy hat on baby?

10:07 AM  

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