Sunday, March 13, 2005

Emmerson is 2 Weeks Old!

After a Bath


First Church Service

Emmerson is now 2 weeks old and already looks differently than she did when she was born (namely, less squashed). It's been a wonderful two weeks, even without the sleep, but we are learning to function on a baby-directed timetable. Ian is taking a day off tomorrow so we can go to the embassy for Emmerson's first passport! She and I are supposed to go to a conference in Vietnam at the end of the month, but that depends on whether or not we can get her passport by this Friday.

We have been taking lots of photos, like all new parents, and here is the next batch: Emmerson Photos.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Grandma is ready for MORE pictures! Gary Koch stopped by our table at Cannova's last night and said he had been feeling sorry for himself because one of his daughters had moved to DesMoines..then he saw the birth announcement in the paper and saw where you he is feeling better about his situation! I feel better whenever I have more pictures and the latest information! Love, Mom Collin

8:38 AM  

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