Friday, October 28, 2005


Happy Halloween! Today was our school's Halloween celebration, so Ian, Emmerson and I dressed up. I was a jellyfish, Ian was the school gym teacher, and Emmerson wore her Vietnam outfit. The rest of the pictures are just of our sweet baby standing, splashing in the bath, and admiring the pumpkin mommy carved for her!

Here are the same photos on Shutterfly: Halloween

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Miss Saigon Photo Shoot

When I was in Vietnam last year, I bought Emmerson an ao dai, a traditional Vietnamese woman's outfit made up of a pair of silk pants and long silk tunic. We took her to the mall last night for a Miss Saigon photo shoot. Here are the results!

Also, here is the Shutterfly link to the last few months' photos: September October05 Photos

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

October Emmerson

Here are some pictures to appease my mom, who felt that we were not updating fast enough. Mom, hope you enjoy!

P.S.We'll be home at Christmas this year, so hopefully we'll have a chance to see many of you then!

Daddy's Girl

Hanging out on the Couch

Alicia and Emmerson

Happy Baby

Chilling Out

Does this look comfortable to you?

Here she Comes

There she Goes

I'm Coming to Get You!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Emmerson is 7 Months Old

Emmerson is 7 Months Old, weighs 19 lbs. and has finally officially crawled! She got her arms and legs coordinated while we were in Ian's classroom yesterday afternoon, much to her proud parents' delight. Her other big achievement is drinking from a sippy cup that she can actually hold herself: see photo below. The last few photos we just couldn't resist taking. We were on our way home after a long, nap-less day of shopping and she couldn't hold out any longer.

Pajamas and friends

Ready for Bed

Messy Baby Face

Big Messy Grin

Sippy Cup




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