Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bali and Halloween

We went to Bali over the weeklong Idul Fitri break. Instead of staying in the Kuta area with the other beachloving Westerners (what we usually do), we broke up our trip into 3 segments: Kuta (hey, it IS vacation after all), Ubud (central Bali, home to much Balinese dance and culture), and east Bali (rice terraces and volcanoes). Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties which shall not be named here, we were only left with photos from the final 1/3 of our trip. So, we hope you enjoy these glimpses into east Bali! There are also a few shots of our Halloween costumes. Ian's costume in particular garnered much praise, especially from fellow parents!

Here are the rest of the photos on Shutterfly:

Visiting Mt. Batur Volcano

"Cool Dude" (that's what E says when she sees someone wearing sunglasses, including herself)

Tirtagangga Water Palace in East Bali

Mt. Agung Volcano

Homestay in Rice Fields

Rice Terraces

Halloween: can you guess what our costumes are?

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