Thursday, December 09, 2004

28 Weeks and Singapore Rant

Here I am in front of our miniature fiber optic Christmas tree. Isn't it festive? The little lights at the ends of the "pine" needles change color to add an extra jolt of holiday cheer.

Interesting International Travel Fact of the Day: to get into the country of Singapore when more than six months pregnant requires everything short of signing your name in blood. Why, you ask? They want to make absolutely, positively, 100% sure that, should your baby be born in Singapore accidently, you will not even attempt to seek Singaporean citizenship or residency for your little early bird. No kidding-- they are seriously paranoid. I had to fill out a lengthy visa application form, provide a passport photo, write and sign a Letter of Intent confirming that I will not seek citizenship for the baby if it is born early (and that I will then immediately remove the baby from the country!), send a copy of my marriage certificate (but what if someone is a single mother-- are they barred from entering the country pregnant on the grounds of some misguided morality?), and provide a letter from my doctor stating my anticipated due date and probable location of delivery. Seriously, people. What do I want with Singaporean citizenship? Call me a snob, but it's true. Anyway, all that work for 4 days and 3 nights of shopping and modernity over the New Year holiday!

Happy Holidays!

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