Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pictures from July

Here are our pictures from July, which was another exciting month. We saw a great 4th of July parade here in Brookfield and then headed to Colorado to visit Ian's sister and her family and to have our annual Honduras reunion. Ian, Emmerson and his mom drove while Ada and I flew. Ian took some great pictures of their road trip, including many stops at a variety of truck stops and overlooks. While in Colorado we went for a hike in the Rocky Mtn. National Park and then stayed for a few nights with Megan and had a great time at our Honduras reunion! It was, as always, so much fun to get together, reminisce and watch our kids get to know each other. Megan and I then convinced our husbands to go to a renaissance festival the next day, which was hilarious fun. The rest of the pictures are just cute shots of the kids.

Here are all of our July pictures on Shutterfly: July 2008

Ian and Emmerson's Road Trip to Colorado

Hiking in the Rocky Mts

Ada at Megan's

Honduras Reunion Kids!

All of Us

Sam and Emmerson the Old Married Couple

Renaissance Faire!

Ada Lookin Cute

Ada, Ian and Emmerson

Sister Love

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Pictures from June

I'm finally getting caught up with summer pictures. This post will be pictures from June, which was a very busy and exciting month. Emmerson had a her first ever dance recital (who can believe the Vegas showgirl costumes?), Heidi had a baby shower, we went to see Kenny Loggins at Ravinia with the Wozniaks and Brunses, Ian's mom visited, and I went to Boston and Nantucket to see my friends Laurel and Rob and Mimi and Jared (we all worked together in Indonesia). It was so fun to see them all again!

Here are all of our June pictures on Shutterfly: June 2008

Emmerson's Dance Recital (next week at Caesar's Palace)

Ian and the Girls on Front Porch

At a Festival

Emmerson's Carseat


Good Morning

Heidi's Shower

Boston with Laurel!

Hyannis (felt like a Kennedy)

Nantucket House

Mimi and the Howes

Lobster and Scallop Feast of a Lifetime

Mimi, Laurel and Me in Nantucket

Lilypie 2nd Birthday Ticker

Lilypie 4th Birthday Ticker