Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pictures from August

Here are our pictures from August. I have gotten so behind on editing and uploading pictures, but at least I'm making a little headway. We had a visit from our friends the Hoovers, with whom we worked in Indonesia for our entire four years. We went with them downtown to Navy Pier and Millenium Park, and then had a barbecue with them and with the Souders, our other friends from Indonesia. After the Hoovers' visit, Heather and Isabella stayed over for a night, and then I went to Madison to see Heidi and Nadia, Nea and Leif, and Shelly and Ava (Ada/Ava-- that was fun!). Everything else is going well, and we are looking forward to Halloween. Maybe we'll post those pictures by next October!?

I've added the August 2008 album to our Shutterfly site: August 2008

The Duells and the Hoovers

At Retro on Roscoe Fest

Emmerson and Kiana on the Train to the City

At Union Station

Navy Pier

Heather and Isabella

Madison Friends

Uncle Ross

Where We Lived From 2000-2003!

Summer Dance Downtown with Rosalia

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